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ADAMS, JOHN COUCH. Bound volume containing 17 offprints or reprints of papers on astronomy and mathematics, from Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society except as noted. 8vo, 210x135 mm, late 19th-century 1/2 calf by Wilson of Cambridge, missing bottom portion of spine, covers detached; contents clean. Ownership inscription of the astronomer Alexander Freeman (1838-1897) dated 1893, reading in part, 'The whole of these reprints were given to me by the widow of the late Professor John Couch Adams.' Vp, 1854-1888

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'Adams [1819-92] achieved lasting fame as the co-discoverer of the giant planet Neptune by mathematical calculation. He is remembered for two other major achievements: his memoir on the secular acceleration of the moon's mean motion and his determination of the orbit of the Leonid meteors' (ODNB). BEA, pages 12-13; DSB I, 53-54.

On Professor Challis's New Theorems relating to the Moon's Orbit. 10 pages. Philosophical Magazine, July, 1854.

Reply to Various Objections which have been brought against his Theory of the Secular Acceleration of the Moon's Mean Motion. 20 pages. 1860.

On the Motion of the Moon's Node in the Case when the Orbits of the Sun and Moon are supposed to have No Eccentricities [etc.]. Pages [43]-49. 1877. Inscribed: "To Professor Kowalski from the Author."

Supplementary Note on the Values of the Napierian Logarithms of 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10, and of the Modulus of Common Logarithms. Pages [22]-25. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1887.

Note on the Value of Euler's Constant; likewise on the Values of the Napierian Logarithms of 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10, and of the Modulus of Common Logarithms, all carried to 260 Places of Decimals. 7 pages. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1878.

On the Expression of the Product of any two Legendre's Coefficients by means of a series of Legendre's Coefficients. Pages [63]-71. Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1878.

Note on a Remarkable Property of the Analytical Expression for the Constant Term in the Reciprocal of the Moon's Radius Vector. Pages [459]-472. 1878.

Note on the Astronomer Royal's Investigation of the Theoretical Value of the Acceleration of the Moon's Mean Motion [etc.]. Pages [409]-488 pages. 1880.

Note on the Inequality in the Moon's Latitude [etc.]. Pages [385]-404. 1881.

Note on William Ball's Observations of Saturn. Pages [89]-96. 1883.

On Newton's Solution of Kepler's Problem. Pages [43]-50. 1882.

Note on Dr. Morrison's Paper. Pages [365]-368. 1883.

Note on Delaunay's Expression for the Moon's Parallax. Pages [395]-401. 1883.

Remarks on Mr. Stone's Explanation of the Large and Increasing Errors of Hansen's Lunar Tables [etc.]. Pages [41]-47. 1883.

Remarks on Major-General Tennant's Paper "On the Change in the Adopted Unit of Time." Pages [81]-84. 1884.

On the General Values of the Obliquity of the Ecliptic [etc.]. 5 pages. The Observatory, 1886.

Remarks on Sir George Airy's "Numerical Lunar Theory." Pages [319]-322. 1888.