May 23, 2019 - Sale 2510

Sale 2510 - Lot 105

Estimate: $ 6,000 - $ 9,000
38 3/4x24 inches, 98 1/2x61 cm. L. Danel, Lille.
Condition B+ / B: extensive repaired tears from top and bottom margins into image; extensive overpainting, replaced losses and repaired tears in margins; corners replaced.
For the night ferries crossing the English Channel, Cassandre depicts a lighthouse against a deep blue sky. The only thing visible within the sweep of its brilliant light, which cuts through the night like a knife, is a passing ship. Here, much like his poster for Wagons-Lits, another night-time image, Cassandre expresses himself poetically. The stars, some forming the recognizable constellation of the Big Dipper, add a sophisticated touch. The poster is signed "Atelier Cassandre," which means that Cassandre himself conceived of the design, sketched it out, and then left the lithographic execution to his assistants. He was not there to supervise the printing. Many talented future posterists like Gid, Dil, and Lancaster would often provide help when needed. Mouron 101, Reina Sofia p. 181, Cassandre / Weill 63.