Dec 19, 2007 - Sale 2133

Sale 2133 - Lot 131

Estimate: $ 4,000 - $ 6,000
24 3/4x18 inches.
Condition A-: minor wrinkles and creases at edges. Printed on heavy stock paper.
A previously unseen and undocumented image by Mucha used on a diploma given to successful horse breeders in Moravia (the eastern part of what was then Czechoslovakia). Awarded by the Moravian Agricultural Committee, the diploma contains the "Ten Commandments for Horse Breeders." The image is of a windy day on a Moravian farm, where a horse and her foal, bedecked with ribbons, are standing with their breeder. Although the image was created in 1930, the typography on the diploma harkens back to classic, turn-of-the-century Czech Art Nouveau typography. In keeping with the classic typography, the name of the breed has been caligraphically added with blue ink. A rare document.