Jun 09, 2022 - Sale 2608

Sale 2608 - Lot 241

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"The hour has come!" Tower Corridor and Mad Scientist Layout Drawing.

A large, dramatic panoramic layout drawing of the Mad Scientist from the 1941 Fleischer Studios shortSuperman (AKAThe Mad Scientist). Graphite, red pencil, and collage on 7-peghole animation paper. 330x813 mm; 13x32 inches, sheet, folded in fourths. Upper left corner of recto bears the production number S-10-2 and the scene number 40; a note near the top edge reading "Rendering Guide.
The first ever animated Superman film. The drawing shows three poses of the titular villain, corresponding to a scene beginning at 4m33s mark, where he slinks down the stairs of his lair to apprehend the brave reporter Lois Lane, who landed her plane outside just as he had begun to activate his "Electrothanasia-Ray" . . . at the stroke of midnight.
This Academy Award nominated film launched the groundbreaking Fleischer Studios Superman series, long celebrated for the films' lavish production values, Art Deco aesthetics, and lasting contributions to the Superman mythos (i.e. giving the character signature power of flight). An impressive piece from a true landmark of animated film history.