Mar 21, 2024 - Sale 2663

Sale 2663 - Lot 58

Estimate: $ 2,000 - $ 3,000
(BLACK PANTHERS.) Group of pinbacks, decorated electrical outlets, and a flier from the Detroit branch of the Panthers. 17 items, various sizes, in one box. Detroit, MI, circa 1968-1970

Additional Details

Group of 3 metal electrical outlet covers, each about 3 x 4 inches, each with different stencil. One has just a Black Panther logo; one is painted with a red Black Panther Party cross; and the other bears the logo and the group's circa 1968-1970 address, "3737 Woodward."

Group of 13 pinback buttons, each featuring the Black Panther logo, each just over an inch across except as noted. 5 read "BPP for 313" (the Detroit area code); 3 read "Panther Power"; 3 read "Free Bobby"; and 2 slightly smaller ones read "May 20, 1972." All have substantial rust.

Double-sided flier for the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM) featuring the Black Panther logo on both sides, 11 x 8½ inches. "Hear a DRUM spokesman and participant. Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement pulled out 2000 Black workers to strike for an end to racism in Detroit auto plants. . . . Debs Hall, 3737 Woodward. Friday Night Socialist Forum." On verso are printed the DRUM demands and a membership form. [1968].