Feb 25, 2010 - Sale 2204

Sale 2204 - Lot 182

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"AMERICA'S TWO GREATEST WOMEN" (BUSINESS.) WALKER, MADAME C.J.-JONES, SISSIERETTA. Telegram from African-American impressario R.G. Doggett to Madame Walker regarding her upcoming tour with Sissieretta Jones, "The Black Patti." Single small 8vo sheet, Mackay Cable Company. New York, 20th January, 1917

Additional Details

In December of 1916, R. G. Doggett, entertainment agent, was putting the finishing touches on a nationwide "Farewell" tour for Madame Walker, accompanied by Black Patti, promoting them as "America's two greatest women." He writes, "Had interview with Black Patti. She is in superb voice and ready to start tour at once. Terms are reasonable. May I make announcements in papers? Send check for printing mater. Advise me when you will start." Madame Walker had worked with Black Patti before in 1911, at the 16th annual Knights of Pithias Convention in Indianapolis, where the singer had entertained with 50 members of her troupe. The nationwide tours that Madame Walker had been making to promote her products were exhausting her. By early 1917, Madame was not in the best of health. The 1917 tour was canceled. Madame Walker passed away on May 25, 1919 at her mansion Villa Lewara in Irvington, New York.