Dec 17, 2020 - Sale 2555

Sale 2555 - Lot 49

Estimate: $ 800 - $ 1,200
(CHINA -- FOOCHOW / FUZHOU.) Small archive comprising a manuscript map and four pencil sketches drawn, most likely, by a Christian missionary. Fuzhou, China, later part of the nineteenth century

Additional Details

The map, presenting the town on either side of the Min River, is ink on thin paper, 8 1/2x10 1/2 inches, with a separate numbered key tipped to verso locating: 1. Tong Chun Bungalow 2. Tong Chun Hong 3. Private Houses 4. Teen Lu Bungalow 5. Clubs 6. Hongs & Private Houses 7. Racket & Fives Courts 8. Bowling Alley 9. Chung Chow or Middle Island 10. City with Pagodas & Gates 11. Hills 12. Church 13. Hill called "Scandal Point" 14. Hill called "Gin & Water" 15. Fir Plantations. Blank spaces - hills, graves, &c. Shaded spaces - suburbs or Chinese houses densely populated.

The drawings are graphite on blue and tan paper, each approximately 9 3/4x7 inches, and skillfully render a sampling of the local landscape, architecture, and river vessels. Each sketch is captioned either recto or verso:

"Ordinary native sampan. A whole family lives in it, including pigs, poultry etc. This is a specimen of the boat inhabited by poor fishing people."

"Looking up the river from a spot close to our bungalow. The mist rising out of the valleys over the orange groves at the foot of the hills. Boats and wood rafts on the water, a sandbank on the left & China houses on the right. I'm never tired of looking at this river & early in the morning the effect I have tried to give is very pretty & quiet."

"Looking up the river from the upper bridge. / Looking down towards Foochow from above the upper Bridge. In the right distance the "Lover's Leap"; on the left, the "Alps" (the cattle on one island; & the farmer across the island, the scene of my duck & snipe shooting triumphs.)"

"The "Red face houses" on the Ravine road - our only main road, which leads half across the island. This is the style of "___ house" seen _______ all over the country here. Lots of them in the village. The end of the "Alps" is seen on the left. / Looking across the river from almost the same spot as the early morning sketch was taken from close to our bungalow. China houses in front with bamboo fence round them. The large tree is meant for a "Bunyan". The opposite side of the river, with large sampan boats in the distance."