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Sale 2557 - Lot 17

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A selection of 8 photographs by Arthur Rothstein, Jack Delano, and Russell Lee.
Together, 8 photographs. Silver prints, the images measuring 177.8x193.7 to 193.7x241.3 mm.; 7x7 5/8 to 7 5/8x9 1/2 inches, and the reverse, the sheets slightly larger, three with the photographer's F.S.A. credit hand stamp and five with Library of Congress hand stamps, and each with a combination of additional hand stamps and the photographer's credit, title, date, and/or numeric notations (including the RA number), in pencil or in ink, on verso. 1935-42; 5 printed circa 1970s.

Arthur Rothstein, Hill woman, Garrett Co., nd * Arthur Rothstein, Half-wit Corbin Hollow Boy, Shenandoah Park, Va.," 1935 * Jack Delano, The "Super market" in Durham, North Carolina," 1940 * Russell Lee, Woman in front of a grocery store, Shawneetown, Ill.," 1937 * Russell Lee, A Negro delivery boy, Caruthersville, Mo., 1938 * Russell Lee, Country store, Wagoner County, Okla.," 1939 * Russell Lee, Sign announcing intended construction of new grocery store, Port Christi, Texas, 1940 * John Collier, Jr. Sunday dinner on the McLelland homestead, Escambia Farms, Florida, 1942.