Oct 18, 2018 - Sale 2489

Sale 2489 - Lot 343

Estimate: $ 1,000 - $ 1,500
Binder contaning 30 photographs depicting gangsters; as well as mafiosi's wives and mothers, murderers, and gal pals, including the infamous Bonnie (with Clyde), "Machine Gun" Kelly and his distaff companion, and the glamorous Mrs. Al Capone.
Silver prints, the images measuring 7 3/4x5 1/2 to 11x8 1/4 inches (19.7x14 to 27.9x21.6 cm.), many with trimmed newspaper clippings or caption information and hand stamps on verso; a few are copy prints. 1931-76

Additional Details

The binder includes press prints of the following women:
343. Actress Liz Renay, a gal pal of Mickey Cohen, in 1958.
528. Johnny Stompanato was one of several Chicago hoods who went out to Los Angeles, serving at one time
as gambler Mickey Cohen's bodyguard. He is shown here with his girlfriend, actress Lana Turner.
598. Mrs. Joe Valachi.
611. Mrs. Dutch Schultz (his widow).
643. Virginia Hill in 1951.
658. Mrs. Lloyd Barker, who killed him.
659. The Barkers, including kids.
671. Mrs. Fred "Killer" Burke.
876. Bonnie and Clyde.
892. Virginia Hill after punching a female reporter at the Kefauver Hearings in NYC.
935. Dandy Jack Parisi (Murder Inc.) with wife.
1000. McGurn and Louise Rolfe, 1931.
1037. A weeping Louise Rolfe (McGurn), 1936.
1059. Mafalda Capone's wedding photo.
1109. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Accardo at the wedding of Tony Jr. (1964).
1234. Al Capone and his mother, before he went to prison.
1263. Johnny Stompanato with Lana Turner and her charming daughter (who killed him with a knife).
1276. Mrs. Mae Capone covers up with her fur when she visits Al at Alcatraz (1938).
1277. A different angle of Mae Capone that day.
1284. Jack Cerone and wife (l.) attending the wedding of Paul Ricca's son (1964).
1291. Detroit hood Peter Licavoli and his wife (1960).
1424. KC boss Charles Binnagio and wife.
1435. Chicago Prohibition hoodlum Spike O'Donnell (rear) with (from left) son Patrick, daughter Dorothy, wife
Elizabeth, daughter Rita, and mother Anna. Dorothy became a movie actress.
1439. Ada Everleigh.
1439a. Minna Everleigh.
1454. Big Tim Murphy (his wife at the left), released from prison (March 1926).
1477. Sam Giancana's love interest, Phyllis McGuire (1965).
1746. Machine Gun Kelly and his pushy wife Kathryn, captured in Memphis (1933).
2041. Georgette Winkler (Winkeler), the wife of Gus Winkler, at the inquest into his death (1933).
2044. Anna Sage, John Dillinger's "Lady in Red."