Apr 18, 2019 - Sale 2506

Sale 2506 - Lot 296

Estimate: $ 5,000 - $ 7,500
Lunar Surveyor Mosaic: Day 013, Survey F, Sectors 7 and 8.
A compilation of 78 photographs depicting the Moon's surface and horizon made by the Surveyor probe, which was the first U.S. spacecraft to land safely on the Moon, and which was sent with the mission of understanding the complexion and consistency of the lunar terrain. The probe itself is visible in the lower portion of the collage and the dark night of space at the top. Silver prints, each measuring approximately 1 7/8 inches (4.8 cm.) square, stapled to the U.S. Geological Survey mount 30 3/4x14 1/2 inches (78.1x36.8 cm.), each with a time notation, in ink, on recto; the mount with the title printed on a clear label and other printed information, on recto. 1966-68