Mar 21, 2019 - Sale 2502

Sale 2502 - Lot 80

Price Realized: $ 1,750
?Final Price Realized includes Buyer’s Premium added to Hammer Price
Estimate: $ 500 - $ 750
(NOBEL LAUREATES--CHEMISTRY.) Group of 34 items Signed, or Signed and Inscribed, to László Magyar, mostly letters describing recent projects. Most 1 page, 4to or 8vo; condition generally good. Few with the original envelope. Vp, vd

Additional Details

Adolf Butenandt (3). Two TLsS, in German, one sending an offprint [present]. Each 1 page; Printed article, "The Discovery of Oestrone," from Trends in Biochemical Sciences, September, 1979, Signed and Inscribed on first page. 2 pages. München, 20 March 1973; 19 December 1979 Melvin Calvin. TLS. Berkeley, 22 May 1972 Henrik Dam. Signature on his printed visiting card. 2x3 1/4 inches. Np, nd Manfred Eigen (2). TLS, in German; Photograph Signed, bust portrait. Signed in the image. 5 1/2x4 inches. Göttingen, 26 February 1980; Np, nd Odd Hassel. ALS, in German. 2 pages. 24 February 1973. With the original envelope Gerhard Herzberg. TLS, "G Herzberg." Ottawa, 29 May 1972 Robert Holley. Brief ALS. San Diego, 25 April 1973 François Jacob. PS, "FJacob," bust portrait showing him smoking. Signed in the image, lower left. 5 1/4x3 1/2 inches. Np, nd John C. Kendrew. ALS. Linton, 8 October 1972 H. Gobind Khorana. Brief TLS, "HGobind Khorana." 1/2 page. Cambridge, MA, 21 March 1972 Willard Libby. TLS, "W.F. Libby." Los Angeles, 13 October 1971 Fritz Lipmann. ANS. 12mo. [New York], 3 May 1973 André Lwoff. ANS, in French. 2 pages. [Paris, 26 March 1993] Robert S. Mulliken. TLS, "RSMulliken." 1/2 page. Chicago, 18 October 1974 Giulio Natta. Brief TLS. 1/2 page. Milan, 27 September 1972 John Howard Northrop. Signature, "John H. Northrop," on his printed visiting card. 2x3 1/2 inches. Np, nd Max Perutz (2). Small Photograph Signed, "M F Perutz," bust portrait. Signed in the image. 3 3/4x3 1/4 inches; Brief TLS, sending the photograph. Cambridge, England, 8 February 1985 George Porter (3). Photograph Signed, bust portrait. Signed in the blank lower margin. 7x4 3/4 inches; Two TLsS, one sending the photograph. Each 1 page. London, 10 October 1972; 30 October 1979 Vladimir Prelog (3). Small Photograph Signed, "V. Prelog," showing him peering into a machine. Signed in the image, lower left. 5x3 1/2 inches; Two ANs, each Signed, "V. Prelog," one in German, the other in Croatian. Together 3 pages, oblong 12mo. Np, nd; Zürich, 21 January 1986 Tadeusz Reichstein. TLS, "T. Reichstein," in German. Basel, 28 March 1972 Robert Robinson. TLS. London, 19 March 1973 Glenn T. Seaborg. TLS. Washington, 29 September 1971 Nikolay Semyonov. Small Photograph Signed, "N. Semeyonov," in Russian, bust portrait. Signed in the blank lower margin. 5 1/4x3 1/4 niches. Np, nd Richard Laurence Millington Synge. Signature and date, "RLMSynge," on a slip of paper printed with letterhead. 4x5 inches. Colney Lane, Norwich, 15 March 1973 Albert Szent-Györgyi. ALS, "A. SzentGyorgi," [in Hungarian?]. Woods Hole, [21 May 1971] Edward Tatum. TLS, "E LTatum." New York, 16 May 1972.