Jun 27, 2024 - Sale 2675

Sale 2675 - Lot 253

Estimate: $ 1,500 - $ 2,500
(PRESIDENTS.) Group of 4 massive albums of Ronald Reagan clippings and memorabilia. Approximately 290 photographs, thousands of newspaper and magazine clippings, and one manuscript mounted on approximately 600 leaves. 4 volumes. Modern cloth post binders, 13 x 16 inches, minor wear, a few posts lacking; minimal wear to contents. Various places, 1937-1982

Additional Details

These albums, compiled by a fan, span Reagan's public life through the first year of his presidency. The Hollywood years through the early 1960s are covered in more detail, including extensive publicity photos and film stills, in addition to clippings from newspapers and the entertainment press. Five items signed by Reagan are included. The coverage of Reagan's political career is extensive, but mainly limited to newspaper clippings.

One album covers his early movie career from 1937 through the early 1950s. The earliest clippings discuss Reagan's first film, "Love is in the Air" from 1937. A section in the first album is dedicated to Reagan's 1951 chimpanzee film "Bedtime for Bonzo" including 14 publicity photographs. In addition to the clippings and photographs, we spotted one original manuscript in this first album: an undated wartime Autograph Letter Signed by Reagan's first wife Jane Wyman to a fan, mentioning Reagan.

The second album covers 1952 through 1977 as Reagan wrapped up his screen career and went into politics. The early leaves of the second album include 18 photographs from his role as baseball pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander in the 1952 film "The Winning Team." A spread of three pictures of Reagan with wife Nancy has a note laid in: "All three photos on this page were sent to me by Reagan."

In the middle of the second volume is a circa 1955 photograph of Reagan, signed "Good luck to John and the club, Ronald Reagan." A few pages later is an Autograph Note Signed, "Dear John, Thank you and the club so much for the nice handkerchieves and the nice Christmas card. I'm sending you and the club a larger photo, hope you all like it. Sincerely, Ronald." Also included are two 5½ x 3½-inch signed photographs of Reagan. Finally, the first page of a Muncie Chamber of Commerce program featuring Reagan bears his signature, 17 May 1965.

The political section of the second volume consists almost entirely of clippings, plus 5 pieces of campaign ephemera mixed in (two event programs, a postcard, a bumper sticker, and a ticket). After a two-year gap, the final two volumes cover late 1979 through 1982: the kickoff of Reagan's presidential campaign through his early presidency. They consist almost entirely of clippings.

These four albums were apparently compiled by someone named John, perhaps a member of the Ronald Reagan Fan Club, which was active from at least 1944 to 1950. The material dates from 1937 to 1982, but is compiled in a neat consistent style in binders which appear to predate 1982. A small percentage of the early clippings are in photocopy form.

Provenance: property of Steve Forbes.