Mar 26, 2015 - Sale 2377

Sale 2377 - Lot 1

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THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT TO PROVIDE SLAVES TO THE SPANISH INDIES (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) "ASSIENTO." Five manuscript leaves from the original contract for the acquisition of African slaves. Folio leaves 355 through 357, written in a neat cursive hand. Lima, 16 December, 1665

Additional Details

leaves 355 through 359, official copies of a complaint before the royal council (real consejo) of peru regarding the "assiento" or "agreement" to provide african slaves for the spanish indies. The agreement referred to here was made with Domingo Grillo and Ambrosio Lomelin, two enterprising Italian merchants. (see Maria Vega Castro, El Trafico de Esclavos con America. Assientos de Grillo y Lomelin, 1663-1674). Grillo and Lomelin had essentially established a monopoly to provide the Spanish colonies in "Las Indias" with African slaves. The problem discussed on these pages seems to be the sale of slaves by Grillo and Lomelin in other parts of the dominion, specifically Panama. The agreement, or "assiento," was later given to the British in 1713 following the Treaty of Utrecht.