Mar 10, 2011 - Sale 2239

Sale 2239 - Lot 12

Estimate: $ 1,000 - $ 1,500
SLAVES PURCHASED IN MOZAMBIQUE (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) COLONIAL SPAIN. Manuscript document recording several purchases of slaves in Mozambique. Single folio leaf, folded several times, and written in one "box" only, in sepia ink. Np, 1804-1807

Additional Details

a rare and highly unusual record of the purchase of slaves from mozambique. The author of this document was probably a Spanish sea captain or a ship's officer. The purchase of a few slaves was not uncommon, however a regular seaman at this time would not have been literate, nor would he have had the funds. These slaves were no doubt bound for South America, and specifically northern Peru. Slaves for mainland Spain were normally obtained in Morocco. The document reads: "On 7 April of 1804, I bought a Negro on the Coast of Mozambique, of the Macoa (tribal group) by the name of Sapari, whom I named Jose Maria, for the sum of 475 pesos, without baptism [sin bautizar]." On 23 May of 1806 I bought a Negress inland of the coast of Mozambique of Luiloa (tribal group) named Chixata, whom I named Maria Josefa, for 460 pesos, without baptism. [sin bautizar]." And a third, but very faded entry: "On 6 April 1807 I bought a Negro boy about twelve years old more or less and a Negro girl of fourteen, more or less." This paper is of late eighteenth century manufacture and bears a very curious watermark of a picador on horseback, driving his lance into a bull; under which is "Benedetto Parodi," a Tuscan paper maker.