Mar 01, 2012 - Sale 2271

Sale 2271 - Lot 62

Estimate: $ 600 - $ 800
RARE ANTI-LINCOLN PIECE (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. 500,000 More. Dar's a heap of trouble on the old man's mind. This is to whom it may concern. Card printed on yellow coated stock, depicting a seated ape. Someone has written on it "1864 Lincoln." Np, circa 1864

Additional Details

A rare anti-Lincoln piece, referencing Lincoln's call for 500,000 troops and the draft act. Despite the penciled note on this card with the date of 1864, the card might have been printed earlier. The first call for troops, and ensuing draft took place in the summer of 1863. Additional drafts were conducted in the spring, and fall of 1864, and the spring of 1865. Predating the Enrollment Act of 1863 was the 1862 presidential call for 300,000 troops. Not in the Barrett Collection.