Feb 21, 2008 - Sale 2137

Sale 2137 - Lot 1

Estimate: $ 2,000 - $ 3,000
FROM THE ORIGINAL ASIENTO FOR THE SPANISH SLAVE-TRADE FOR PERU (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) Manuscript in Spanish; portion of the official ledger regarding the contract or "asiento" granted to Domingo Grillo and Ambroso Lomelin for the exclusive right to import African slaves . . . Five small folio leaves removed from a ledger book of retained copies of the ongoing asiento. Leaves numbered 355-359. Excellent condition. [Lima, 1665]

Additional Details

Establishes fees and places certain restrictions on the areas in the Spanish colonies where the slave traders could sell slaves. It appears from context that Lomelin and Grillo were selling slaves outside the agreed-upon ports. See Marisa Vega Franco, "El Trafico de Esclavos con America" (Asientos de Grillo y Lomelin) [Seville,1984], pages 46-48.