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A MOST UNUSUAL CASE (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) State of Alabama, Circuit Court. John H. Harris, being the master, or other person occupying that relation to William, Peter, Daniel, John Joe, Elizabeth, Sallie, Jane and Other Negro slaves on said John H. Harris plantation in said county called 'The Egypt Place,' failed to provide them with a sufficiency of healthy food & treated them with inhumanity. Partially printed document, accomplished by hand; some damage to the upper right corner. Lawrence County, ALA, 1858

Additional Details

an extraordinary document, indicting a slave owner for 'inhumanity' to his slaves. The action against this slaveholder was clearly not brought by the forenamed slaves, but the verso of the document does bear the names of four men, George McNath, S.D. Houston, James McNath and John Shinault. It would seem that these gentlemen had observed the 'inhuman' treatment meted out to Harris' slaves, and in good conscience brought the matter before the local magistrate. We could find no record of the case - the reverse states 'No Prosecutor, True Bill,' and is signed by H.(?) L. Stephenson, 'Foreman of the Grand Jury.' It is possible that nothing happened to Harris after all.