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A SCHOOL FOR BLACKS AND WHITES (SLAVERY AND ABOLITION--BARBADOS.) Proposed Institution of a Colonial Charity School, on the System of Dr. Bell. Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Governor. Barbados, 16th November, 1818. 8 pages. Small 8vo, removed from a larger volume; small inked numeral at the top of the title-page; pages loose. Barbados,1818

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first edition, A proposal for a school where Afro-Barbadian teachers taught groups of slave and free children. "The philanthropic challenge to the white Barbadian elite began in earnest in 1818, when as an amelioration measure, the new governor acted as patron for the Colonial Charity School, making it the first publicly supported school for children of color, both enslaved and free, in the British Caribbean. Whites were outraged at the school's plan to teach mixed classes of free children of color and slaves and by the possibility that slave children would be taught to write." Newton, page 102. A very early attempt to educate West Indian slaves, containing fourteen proposals, delineating admission procedures, rules governing attendance, the duties of the board etc. No copies located in Sabin, Ragatz, OCLC, NUC, COPAC, NSTC, or Handler, but Handler Supplement, pages 37-38 does give information on the school.