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TO NIECE OF AUTHOR AND ACTIVIST EMMA LAZARUS (SUPREME COURT.) CARDOZO, BENJAMIN N. Archive of 16 Autograph Letters Signed, "Benjamin N Cardozo" or "B.N.C.," to Adah Marks, mostly on personal topics. Together 37 pages. Each 8vo, personal stationery, most on folded sheet; horizontal fold. Vp, 1932-37

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26 February 1932, as nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: "I am grateful for your congratulations and condolences--especially the condolences. . . ."
21 February 1934: ". . . I never heard that I was 'relentless' till I read it in the Times, but I rather like the word, don't you? I suppose because in my case it is so far removed from reality. . . ."
17 March 1934: "Oh, dear me! It isn't permissible for a judge to give advice to anyone.
"I'm not disagreeable; I just can't help it. . . ."
24 May 1934: "The pangs of a birthday anniversary are eased a little by the thought that you are my senior by a day.
"Somehow you wear your years more peacefully. You must be a good child and tell me the secret. . . ."
24 May 1935: ". . . Next time you call on me I'll tell you what Learned Hand said about you last summer."
5 October 1935: "Your letter is most exciting, though also a bit mysterious. Apparently you have started out upon the war path. What your garb and weapons are to be, there is nothing to inform me; but I feel sure that there will be all the fire of intense conviction . . . . More power to your elbow, even though I have no idea of the nature of your quarrel!
". . . [I]t was a sad disappointment to be unable to see you. Tyrants rule a good part of the world today, and the medical tyrants had me in their cruel grasp. . . ."
23 January 1936: "Congratulations, my valiant child, on having scotched the cruel dragon!
"Was I ever scared in a court room? Alas, I am scared every where. Receptions and dinners are as terrible as trials.
". . . The President's reception to the judges and his dinner next week to the court will represent the sum total of my adventures in the social life this winter. . . ."
24 May 1936: ". . . I have lived another year, which is really an achievement when one considers the tumultuous sort of year it has been. . . ."
29 June 1936, giving directions to his Westchester house: "Take Central Avenue, route #100, to Hartsdale, turn right into Fennimore Street to Post Road . . . . The house is on the right of a traffic danger signal. Clear as the Constitution!"
9 December 1936: ". . . Oh dear, Oh dear, haven't I enough troubles of my own without being expected to talk about the constitutional rights of the British Crown? Isn't it bad enough that I can hardly think of anything else? . . ."