Mar 21, 2013 - Sale 2308

Sale 2308 - Lot 344

Estimate: $ 1,000 - $ 1,500
"AND THEN THERE WERE NONE" (TOYS AND GAMES.) RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS. Ten Little Niggers. Group of twelve chromolithographic die-cuts, showing well-dressed young boys in a series of adventures, each ending with the removal of one boy. Some minor abrasion here and there, both on the whole in very good condition. should be seen London, possibly Raphael Tuck & Sons, circa 1880's-1890's

Additional Details

A fine set of these scarce die-cuts, possibly created by Raphael Tuck, but lacking his characteristic easel insignia, and probably produced in Germany as was so much of this type material. What is so unusual about this particular variation on the well-known rhyme is the fact that the boys are all well-dressed and but for their color, might be any group of proper young Englishmen. In fact, in all scenes the boys appear dressed as any middle to upper class English boy might be.