Jan 22, 2015 - Sale 2372

Sale 2372 - Lot 57

Estimate: $ 700 - $ 1,000
Pigs is Pigs. Two hand-painted animation cels. Each transparency approximately 215x265 mm; 8 1/2x10 1/2 inches. Depicts two guinea pigs and the rail agent Flannery. Salkin wrote, animated and directed this short, one of Disney's best, receiving an Academy Award nomination for best animated short film in 1954.

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A long-held belief was that Salkin was the inspiration for Mister Magoo (see his New York Times obituary, October 18, 1993) but seemingly not, as IMDB notes: "For years he worked in various capacities on the UPA Mister Magoo cartoons ... Visitors immediately saw his physical resemblance to Magoo: he was a small, bald, round-faced gentleman (though his vision was fine). Salkin confirmed, however, that Magoo had been created long before he joined the UPA staff, so it was not based on him."