Jun 04, 2019 - Sale 2511

Sale 2511 - Lot 163

Estimate: $ 2,500 - $ 3,500
Archive. This archive contains six congratulatory illustrations by various artists dedicated to Tramonti as he was leaving the studio in 1941; artists include Sam Cobean, Milt Schaffer, Nick George, Roy Disney, and John Finnegan; the archive also contains letters, storyboards for the 1940 animated film "Pinocchio," and a photograph of Tramonti at work in the studio, among other ephemera. Various media. Sizes vary.

Additional Details

In a letter postmarked June 15, 1947, Sam Cobean writes: "Dear Johnny -- Come on up anytime -- just let me know a couple of days in advance. Charlie Addams & Bobby were here for a while. They left last week, but want to come back and spend the summer around here. Rick Gibson is supposed to come up this weekend. Come up and forget your troubles. Sambo."
In an undated postcard, presumably from many years later, Cobean writes: "Dear Tramonti-- Of course you are probably married by now, have several bambinos, smoke big black cigars and belong to the Providence Chamber of Commerce -- but I just want you to know that I'm over here checking up on you (and Goodson, too). -Cobean."