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"UNITE HEART & HAND, LIKE A BAND OF BROTHERS" (WAR OF 1812.) Minute book of the Company of '75, an independent militia group in Massachusetts. 23 manuscript pages, preceded by a typed transcript of 23 pages. 4to, modern calf gilt; minor wear. A contemporary manuscript copy made by the militia's clerk Willard Newton, who "thought them worth preserving to show the spirit and patriotism of that day, to defend the rights and liberties of the country." (TFC) Southborough, MA, 16 September 1814 to 23 February 1815

Additional Details

This volunteer company was formed shortly after the burning of Washington, and days after the Battle of Baltimore, by "such of the citizens in the town of Southboro who were exempt from military duty, to consult upon the alarming dangers of our countries invasion, and to consider what would be our duties in those intreating moments." 49 subscribers soon signed a statement reading in part, "In times like these, when the distruction of publick property is resolved on by the common enemy of our country, and our towns & cities are exposed to be wontonly ransacked and piliged by a hostile foe, to lay aside every party prejudices and unite heart & hand, like a band of brothers." This landlocked central Massachusetts town was never visited by the British army, and the volume concludes with a grand parade in celebration of the peace, including a long and eloquent patriotic oration delivered on the scene, and the delivery of 17 toasts, each "accompanied by the discharge of a field peace and musick."