Sep 26, 2019 - Sale 2517

Sale 2517 - Lot 236

Estimate: $ 800 - $ 1,200
(WASHINGTON, GEORGE.) Papers of President Washington's nephew William Augustine Washington and descendants. 33 items, various sizes and conditions. Vp, 1787-1847

Additional Details

William Augustine Washington (1757-1810) was the son of George Washington's half-brother Augustine II, and inherited the Wakefield plantation where the president had been born in 1732. He served as a militia colonel, but should not be confused with second cousin William Washington (1752-1810), who served with distinction as a colonel in the Revolution. This lot includes 4 receipts addressed to William Augustine Washington, 1787-1804, most notably a long store account from 1788-89 for (among other things) fiddle strings, black crepe gauze, shot and powder, and "2 sticks skeleton wire." 6 receipts are addressed to his son-in-law Lawrence Washington (1795-1875) dated 1833-45, including 2 for the Wakefield estate. 3 receipts are addressed to William & Mary professor Henry Augustine Washington (1820-1858), son of Lawrence and grandson of William Augustine, from 1842-47. 20 documents dated 1838 to 1844 relate to the estate of Daniel Payne (1790-1835) of Bleak Hall; Lawrence Washington served as executor of his estate.
with--a group of 17 apparently unrelated manuscripts, 1704-87, most notably: a short financial account of the Washington Society of Alexandria with member George Deneale, 1804 A 1704 will signed by the controversial New York governor Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, widely believed to be cross-dresser Minutes of a 1732 meeting for planning a social event in London and a partial manuscript sermon dated 27 October 1776.