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ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade * [with] forty-five other related acts. Folio, various pagination. Georgii III Regis. Cap. XXXVI. should be seen. London: 1807; 1793-1841

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the act that put an end to the removal of africans from african soil, offered together with a collection of acts relative to the build-up to the 1807 Act, and the follow-through, enforcing the Act. Included here are acts beginning in 1793, when Parliament sought to control the flow of shipping from the West Coast of Africa, through the Act of 1841 which dealt with compensation for the emancipation of slaves in the British West Indies, following England's total emancipation in the West Indies in 1834.
The 1807 ban was enforced by a number of British and American naval vessels patrolling the West African coast. Ships thought to be carrying slaves were boarded, their human cargo freed and the ship either auctioned off on the spot or scuttled and sunk off the coast. An excellent prime resource for the study of anti-slavery legislation.