Jan 24, 2013 - Sale 2300

Sale 2300 - Lot 125

Estimate: $ 1,500 - $ 2,000
AL CAPP. Li'l Abner.
3-tiered pen and ink drawing for the famous Sunday comic strip syndicated by New York News Inc., July 4, 1976. 360x522 mm; 14x20 1/2 inches. Signed in full twice under the title and in the sixth panel. Rubberstamped on verso "March 26, 1976" with note in ink on the top: "Release July 4 due April 19." The three strips were drawn separately and then taped together for reproduction. The title of the strip (now loose) was redrawn and pasted on the first panel.

Additional Details

Li'l Abner loses a Shmoo to a gangster whose wishes for a big redhead and a wallet full of $1,000 bills are immediately granted. The top two panels do not appear in every newspaper that printed this strip.