Feb 16, 2023 - Sale 2626

Sale 2626 - Lot 65

Estimate: $ 2,000 - $ 3,000


North Dakota farmers waiting for their grants in Resettlement Administration office, North Dakota * Migrant worker's wife, Robstown, Texas * Guardian of the peace, dance for enlisted men, El Rancho Grande, Brownsville, Texas.
Together, three silver prints, the images measuring 171x191 and 241x178 mm; 6 3/4x7 1/2 and 9 1/2x7 inches, the sheets 254x203 mm; 10x8 inches, the first with Rothstein's F.S.A. stamp, the typed title and date, and the RA number in pencil, and the others with the Library of Congres stamp and numeric notations and the title and date in pencil on verso; the first in a later mat with Rothstein's signature in pencil on the overmat, and each with Witkin Gallery labels. 1936 & 1942; the second two printed circa 1960-70.

Provenance: The Estate of Evelyne Z. Daitz, New York.