Mar 09, 2023 - Sale 2629

Sale 2629 - Lot 6

Estimate: $ 4,000 - $ 6,000



32x22 inches, 81 1/2x56 cm. Unwin Brothers Litho., London.
Condition B+: repaired tears, creases and abrasions at edges, some in image.

Aubrey Beardsley, beloved and reviled in Britain as the most visible rebel against staid Victorian mores, began work as art editor for the Yellow Book in 1894. His decorative Art Nouveau style, considered grotesque and vulgar by many, was widely imitated in America and added life, spice, excitement and novelty to American poster sidings. Writing in The Poster in November 1900, Scotson-Clark pointed out that, "Until the introduction of the Beardsley work, all posters seen were . . . stippled until all life had been taken out of them." For this, like his posters for the Yellow Book, Beardsley designed the images and the text frame was left blank to be filled in by the publisher of the books being advertised. As a result this poster exists with several different text variations. While the bookstore at the top of the image is treated in a rather classic manner, the charismatic, elongated woman seen in profile is absolutely representative of his minimal graphic treatment and use of flat colors. DFP-I 4, Gallo 54, Affiches Anglaise np, Muller Brockmann 34.