Feb 25, 2021 - Sale 2559

Sale 2559 - Lot 4

Estimate: $ 300 - $ 400
BUTLER, BENJAMIN F. Typed Letter Signed, "Benj Butler," to his legal partner O.D. Barrett, instructing him to wait concerning the Mora [Land] Grant, noting that a bill that passed the House prevents foreign interests from purchasing land in U.S. territories, requesting that he warn squatters on the land, exploring the possibility of securing an office on Capitol Hill [Washington?], reporting that [Adelbert] Ames and Blanche [Butler] have done the requested confession of judgment in MN, mentioning the prospect of purchasing land in St. Croix Falls [WI], and denying accusations of impropriety in the bookkeeping of [Adelbert] Ames and his business partner. 1 1/2 pages, 4to, "Law Offices" stationery, onionskin paper, written on two sheets; horizontal fold. Boston, 3 August 1886

Additional Details

"I do not think it advisable to disturb anything . . . about the Mora Grant. . . . I suppose you refer to the Prairie Cattle Co. If they do not buy immediately, they cannot buy at all, because it has already passed the House by a vote of 206 to 7 that no foreigner . . . shall purchase any lands hereafter in the United States territories. . . .
"I suppose that my buildings are sold to the Government. If they are we must get an office . . . . If I can get a good building on Capitol Hill cheap enough, I should be in favor of staying up there. . . .
"In that story about Paul and Mes there is not one word or shade of truth . . . . I don't know what there is in the western air that makes men lie so about what they see on a man's books, especially when the books will speak for themselves. The books will show that Paul gave to Ames $15,000.00 to go into a joint mining speculation instead of Ames giving anything to Paul. . . ."