Jun 07, 2018 - Sale 2481

Sale 2481 - Lot 348

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Estimate: $ 8,000 - $ 12,000
CATESBY, MARK. Fifty-two hand-colored engraved plates, extracted from the first edition of Catesby's The Natural History of Carolina, [etc.], on full folio sheets of laid paper, various appropriate watermarks; minor foxing. London, 1731-46

Additional Details

from volume 1: The Little Hawk, Plate 5 The Yellow Belly'd Wood-pecker, Plate 21 The Fieldfare of Carolina, Plate 29 The Lark, Plate 32 The To-whe Bird, Plate 34 The Little Sparrow, Plate 35 The Snow-bird, Plate 36 The Purple Gross-beak, Plate 40 The Purple Finch, Plate 41 Purple Martin, Plate 51 The Blackcap Fly-Catcher, Plate 53 The Little Brown Fly-Catcher, Plate 54 The Crested Titmouse, Plate 57 The Yellow-Rump, Plate 58 The Hooded Titmouse, Plate 60 The Pine-Creeper, Plate 61 The Yellowthroated Creeper, Plate 62 Finch Creeper, Plate 64 The Cat-Bird, Plate 66 The Little Black Bulfinch, Plate 68 The Brown Bittern, Plate 78 The Canada Goose, Plate 92.
from volume 2: The Black Viper, Plate 44 The Blueish Green Snake, Plate 47 The Ribbon-Snake, Plate 50 The Spotted Ribbon-Snake, Plate 51 The Chain-Snake, Plate 52 The Green Spotted Snake, Plate 53 The Coach-Whip Snake, Plate 54 The Guana, Plate 64 The Green Lizard of Jamaica, Plate 66 The Gray Fox Squirrel, Plate 74 The Ground Squirrel, Plate 75 The Flying Squirrel, Plate 76 The Flying Squirrel, Plate 77 The Grey Fox, Plate 78 The Mahogany Tree, Plate 81 Bignonia Americana, Plate 82 Frutex Virginianus Trifolius, Plate 83 Anona Fructu, Plate 85 Anona Maxima, Plate 86 The Wild Pine, Plate 89 Pigeon-Plum, Plate 94 The Mountain Laurel, Plate 98.
from the supplement volume: Centipede with Witch Hazel, Plate 2 Rain Crow with Stemless Lady Slipper, Plate 3 Ichneumon fly with Smooth Sumac, Plate 4 Yellow and Black Pye with Spider Lily, Plate 5 Dung Beetle with Canada Lily, Plate 11 Golden-Crowned Kinglet with Silky Camellia, Plate 13 Whip-Poor-Will with Ginseng, Plate 16 Java Hare with Wild Fig, Plate 18.