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"THESE FEW LINES COME TO EMBRACE YOU" COCTEAU, JEAN. Autograph Letter Signed, "Jean / [asterisk]," to Maria ("My dear, very dear little girl"), in French, sending warm regards. 2 pages, 8vo, written on the recto and verso of a single sheet; folds. Np, 28 October 1954

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"This evening, I sit here being sad without any other reason than to be sad--I think of you in that Las Vegas world which resembles you so little and with which it is impossible for your soul interact. You must therefore be very alone and that's why these few lines come to embrace you and envelope you in the warmest, the tenderest, of waves.
"Here there is sun, flowers, friends and on the telephone the voice of Jeannot [Jean Marais] which is another kind of sun. And yet--I have this sickness of the earth that you know marvelously, you the victorious conquered one, you who triumph over solitude through solitude. My little girl--I love you and I feel you in my arms."
Throughout 1954, Dietrich led cabaret performances at the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas.
Property of the family of Marlene Dietrich.