Feb 21, 2019 - Sale 2499

Sale 2499 - Lot 9

Estimate: $ 6,000 - $ 9,000
A selection of 12 plates from Animal Locomotion depicting women engaged in quotidian activities. Collotypes, the images measuring 7x16 inches (17.8x40.6 cm.), the two-toned sheets 19x24 inches (48.3x61 cm.), with Muybridge's letterpress credit, series title, plate number, copyright, and date, on recto. 1887

Additional Details

Walking, bouquet in both hands, pl. 48 Turning around, 10-pound basket on head, pl. 57 Turning to ascend stairs, with a pitcher and goblet in hands, pl. 97 Descending incline, looking around and waving fan, pl. 140 Curtsying, pl. 198 Stooping, lifting and carrying 30-lb. basket, pl. 217 Stooping, lifiting water jar to head and turning, pl. 222 Sitting and flirting a fan, pl. 240 Rising from chair, stooping and lifting hand-chief, pl. 250 Putting up shoes and rising from chair, pl. 422 Setting down bucket and preparing to sweep, pl. 437 Setting down bucket and preparing to scrub, pl. 438.