Apr 19, 2018 - Sale 2474

Sale 2474 - Lot 16

Estimate: $ 14,000 - $ 18,000
A selection of 17 plates depicting nude figures from Animal Locomotion. This collection from Muybridge's series includes 11 plates of women (including one with a child) and 6 plates of male figures in motion, including a Muybridge self-portrait. Collotypes, the images a variety of sizes, but measuring approximately 6 5/8x17 3/8 inches (16.8x44.1 cm.), and smaller, the two-toned sheets 19x24 inches (48.3x61 cm.), each with Muybridge's letterpress credit, series title, plate number, copyright, and date, on recto. 1887

Additional Details

This lot includes:
Plate 091 - Movements, Male, Ascending stairs

Plate 093 - Movements, Female, Ascending stairs

Plate 184 - Movements, Female, nude, bending

Plate 195 - Movements, Female, Dancing waltz

Plate 215 - Movements, Female and Child, Placing child (70) on the ground, child running off

Plate 220 - Movements, Female, Stooping and lifting handkerchief and turning

Plate 225 - Movements, Female, Removing water jar from shoulder to the ground

Plate 230 - Movements, Female, Lifting 30-lb. basket from ground to head, turning

Plate 240 - Movements, Female, Sitting and flirting a fan

Plate 262 - Movements, Female, Getting out of hammock

Plate 269 - Movements, Female, Arising from the ground with newspaper in left hand

Plate 351 - Movements, Male, "Fix" and "unfix bayonets"

Plate 359 - Movements, Male, Charging bayonet

Plate 378 - Movements, Male, Blacksmith, hammering on anvil, two hands

Plate 389 - Movements, Male, Farmer, scattering seed

Plate 490 - Movements, Male, A, sitting down; B, sitting down; C, sprinkling water; D, stooping for cup and drinking (Self-portrait)

Plate 515 - Movements, Female, Ascending and descending stairs, etc.