Mar 11, 2021 - Sale 2561

Sale 2561 - Lot 5

Estimate: $ 6,000 - $ 9,000
A selection of 7 plates from Animal Locomotion of men engaged in various activities. Collotypes, the images measuring 5x18 to 7x16 inches (12.7x45.7 to 17.8x40.6 cm.), the two-toned sheets 19x24 inches (48.3x61 cm.), with Muybridge's letterpress credit, series title, plate number, copyright, and date, on recto. 1887

Nude man preparing to lie down (anterior and posterior views), pl. 257 * Partially clothed man at attention with bayonet, pl. 351 * Partially clothed man marching with bayonet, pl. 359 * Nude figure with a tennis racket, doing a head stand, walking up stairs, etc., pl. 488 * Partially clothed man on ground aiming bayonet, pl. 357 * Two nude men with hammers and an anvil, pl. 375 * Nude figure walking, pl. 558.

Additional Details

An artist and innovator, Muybridge is known for being a pioneer of the motion picture. He moved the field of photography towards instantaneous photography by shortening exposure times, experimenting with chemicals to develop film, and developing a special shutter and electrical timer, which allowed him to capture sequences of people and animals in motion. His invention the zoopraxiscope, a projection device, was used to animate his image sequences, becoming a precursor to cinema.