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RELEASING JEFFERSON DAVIS WOULD ALLOW "REBELS TO BECOME . . . REPUBLICANS" GREELEY, HORACE. Autograph Letter Signed, to H.M. Jenkins, explaining that his reason for wanting to release [Jefferson] Davis is to help integrate former Confederates. 1 page, 8vo, "Office of the Tribune" stationery; horizontal folds. New York, 26 May 1867

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". . . I beg you to believe that I foresaw infinite good in getting rid of Davis as a prisoner and thus enabling those who have been Rebels to become in effect Republicans without seeming to betray their late leader. I can afford to stand the 'howl'; for I can hear beyond it."
Greeley's views about the injustice of slavery and his support of the Lincoln administration in its conduct of the Civil War was widely known, which is why many were shocked and outraged that, when Jefferson Davis had been captured after the close of the War and held in prison without trial, Greeley advocated for his release (or for a speedy trial). Greeley held that constitutional rights are the same for all, including Davis, and moreover that showing leniency toward the former Rebels would help reduce resentment and the probability of further rebellion.