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HANSEL MIETH (1909-1998)/OTTO HAGEL (1909-1973)

Cotton pickers lining up for weighing in Visalia, California.
Silver print, the image measuring 292.1x266.7 mm; 11 1/2x10 1/2 inches, with the Mieth-Hagel hand stamp and the title, in pencil, on verso. 1930s.

Pioneers in social documentary photography, Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel were committed to political and social independence. German immigrants, the couple worked as migrant agricultural workers through the 1930s, as well as photographing the conditions in and around San Francisco at the height of the Great Depression, including labor strikes and their fellow migrant workers. Despite the couple's commitment to independence, Mieth became a staff photographer for Life in 1936.