Aug 13, 2020 - Sale 2544

Sale 2544 - Lot 126

Estimate: $ 1,000 - $ 1,500


Placards in honor of the school's supporter, Harvey Milk.
3 sheets manuscript on heavy card stock. Each about 710x560 mm; 28x22 inches. The memorial placards with horizontal folds and minor wear, the Harvey O'Milk placard with tape stains, staple holes and some edge wear, and mounted to later board. [San Francisco], circa 1978.

These placards were created at the Douglas School, a public elementary school in Harvey Milk's Castro neighborhood. Milk fought to keep the school open although most of the gay residents of the Castro did not have children. One placard, presumably created for a Saint Patrick's Day celebration during Milk's lifetime, reads "Supervisor Harvey O'Milk" in bold green letters (circa 1978?). The other, probably created shortly after his death, is headed "In memory of our good friend and neighbor, Harvey Milk. We will always remember with thanks his support and caring. From the children, faculty and parents of Douglas School." It is followed by the signatures of approximately 200 children, filling the remainder of the first board and most of a second. The school has since been renamed the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy.