Dec 14, 2023 - Sale 2656

Sale 2656 - Lot 51

Estimate: $ 30,000 - $ 40,000
"The magician, as he took his pill . . . " from Madeline's Christmas. Illustration published on pages 18-19 of the original special insert in the Christmas edition of McCall's magazine, 1956. Madeline's Christmas was later published as a hardcover bound edition in 1985 (New York: Viking Kestrel) with a different version of this illustration. Casein on board. 508x622 mm; 20x24 1/2 inches. Signed "Bemelmans" in lower right. Professionally restored.

The "Madeline and the Magician" image from Madeline's Christmas depicts the moment after which Madeline thaws the frozen merchant/magician. He, in turn, asks what he can do for her. The full caption reads: "The magician, as he took his pill, said 'Ask me, Madeline, what you will.' Said she, 'I've cooked a dinner nutritious. Will you please help me with the dishes?'"

The 1956 version includes a green lamp hanging from the ceiling which does not appear in the 1985 publication. A copy of the insert is included.