Jun 18, 2020 - Sale 2538

Sale 2538 - Lot 121

Estimate: $ 700 - $ 1,000
33x23 1/4 inches, 83 3/4x59 cm.
Condition A / A-: small tears at lower right edge; slight darkening at sides. Paper.
Translated as "Sunday return ticket," "a special railway-ticket, valid on Sundays (and later on Saturdays, for shift workers then also common weekdays), which included a discounted round-trip. It was first issued in 1896 by the Prussian State Railways. In the early 1990s, after 95 years, it was finally replaced by other discounts" (Wikipedia). The "DB" in the bottom right corner stands for the Deutsche Bundesbahn, the German Federal Railway - this design was used starting in 1946. The WER, noted in the bottom left corner, was the pre-war rail advertising agency in West Germany.