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ARCHIVE INCLUDES LETTERS SHOWING HER LOVE AND FEAR OF TRAVEL O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA. Archive of 47 items, each Signed, in full or "G.OK," to her travel agent Donald Ferguson or one of his employees: 40 Autograph Letters * Typed Letter * Three partly-printed Documents * Christmas card * Photograph * Autograph Note. The letters, sending passport photographs [present], requesting travel itineraries, discussing payments, managing delivery of items purchased abroad, requesting information about inoculation requirements, complaining of difficulties, recounting beautiful sights, etc. Together over 70 pages, 4to or smaller, most on recto only, most on onionskin paper; generally good condition but signatures damaged by paper knife on letters dated 4 March 1963 and 7 March 1967. The documents, each agreeing to terms relating to travel program and acknowledging receipt of tickets. Each 1 page, 4to, attached with staples at upper edge to folder and related documents, unsigned. Np, [2 January 1959]; 22 August 1960; 16 February 1963. The card, showing reproduction of her Starlight Night (1917) on cover. Additionally inscribed, "Greetings, and best thoughts to you and / yours for Xmas--1964," on inside. Signed below inscription. 8 1/4x11 1/4 inches, folded sheet. Np, 1964. The photograph, showing the entrance to her adobe home in Abiquiú. Signed and additionally inscribed, in pencil, on verso: "Greetings for 1960 / G.OK." 3 1/2x5 1/2 inches. Np, 1960. The note: "I think this is correct but I / haven't my checks here to / verify what I think. / G.OK." 3x5 inches. Np, nd. Abiquiú or Newport [RI] or Honolulu, 1958-68

Additional Details

2 June 1959: ". . . I arrived in Abiquiu evening of the 25th--at least my body arrived. My so-called head--mind--or what you will, was still wandering and for about a week didn't know where I was. I would wake in the morning wondering desperately where I was and what would we do today. It was time to be still. I had done enough. I was always very pleased to find that I am here.
"I did not take the jet . . . . I would have had to spend the night in Paris and 'tho I have friends who had invited me there I preferred to come straight home . . . . I was in no humor to go visiting. . . .
"My last night in N.Y. was as fantastic as things we did on this trip. I was pleased that N.Y. can be quite as fantastic as anything--anywhere. We went on a small boat that would sleep six, from a pier somewhere below the Empire State area, up the East river, under the bridges, and into the sound to Greenwich, to a little . . . harbor--a fantastic bit of landscaping--two fresh water small lakes, ponds and a salt water lake, a house made from an old farm, with a very elegant bar, and fantastic wine cellar that you went down into by circular stair way behind a bush on this lawn. . . . Down under this lawn we had an open fire. It was too amusing. You will laugh too when I add that the drinks were amazing. . . .
"I want to say to you again that I very much enjoyed this trip with you--in every way. Now that it is over I seem to forget the times that were a little difficult. . . ."
14 August 1959: ". . . I would like to do this trip again but not so soon--maybe in '61 . . . . It is a long time to be away from home and I like to be at home. . . ."
9 December 1959: ". . . I finished Isak Dinesen's 'Out of Africa' and I was so excited over the way Dinesen pictures Africa that for the moment I was all ready to start off with you again. Then I quickly knew--no, I would rather be still and stay home a while. Thinking still further: I said to myself, maybe I would rather take this year's trip over again. So you see you are a temptation. . . ."
2 January 1960: "It is 1960, and it is cold and we have snow--but not too much. It makes the light so bright everywhere. I like it very much. . . ."
9 June 1960: "I am quite annoyed with you for thinking up this six weeks trip to Japan and the South Seas leaving Oct. 5th.
"I had other plans of things I ought to be doing at that time and it has been a nuisance to have to change them--but I have changed them as much as I can. Anchor Watt [Angkor Wat] is probably the bait that makes me wish particularly to take this trip. I would hate to go again and miss it again, and it seems to me that the chances to miss it again are pretty good. . . ."
16 August 1960: ". . . Single room please--and I would like to see the boats go by in Hong Kong, even if I must have room with another person."
19 December 1960: ". . . I wish you would go to the restaurant in the new Time and Life building [La Fonda del Sol]. My friend who is so interested in toys has decorated it. It wasn't finished when I saw it in September but I know the materials he was using and I thought it one of the most amusing arrangements I ever saw. You would all really have fun. My friend's name is Alexander Girard. He is one of my most favorite people. . . ."
19 December 1960 (another): ". . . I went out with the dogs and a man yesterday and got a very fine tree. Everything was white with snow--it was very fine. I have been home alone since my return from Honolulu, and I find it very good. Much snow. I can't go out--no one comes--suits me very well. . . ."
28 February 1961: ". . . I thought of going to Moorea. . . .
"Mr. Ferguson wrote me that I could not keep a room for a month 'till after the 3rd of May and if I go I want to go to paint and I would like to be able to stay for a month.
"I would like to have the room that was Number 6 as it had a window free at the end of the building and I would like to have the same room for the month as it is too difficult to move my things that I work with. . . ."
29 April 1961: "I was in N.Y. having a show at my dealer's, The Downtown Gallery, and did not have the word from you about Moorea 'till yesterday.
"I wanted so much to go but I am so tired from this pictures business I think I had better put it off 'till later. I wanted to paint there but it is no use to think of it unless I am feeling very good. . . . It seems at the moment that nothing can be better than a long spell at home. . . ."
7 August 1961: ". . . There is a river bed at least 1/4 mile long that is fantastic . . . . There across the river is a vast cave that is open at the top. I must go . . . . I must make drawings. It is absurd to get interested in such things as I do.
". . . I must have some time when I come home to work on what is in my head from the water trip before I start out again. . . .
"I will be with you again sometime if the world does not blow up . . . ."
10 August 1961: ". . . I am going 200 miles down the Colorado River . . . in a rubber boat with some friends. It isn't exactly a trip in your sense but it may be my trip to heaven. . . .
"I am in the country alone with the dogs. Every evening and every morning early we have a trip that we all seem to enjoy--walking. We have a fine time really. And I never see anything better anywhere than here. . . . At present there are many little flowers--large areas of them in the dry red hills. It is very beautiful. . . ."
15 January 1963: ". . . I had hoped that someone's grandmother would be ill or that . . . someone would fall down and break a leg or a pelvis and not be able to go with you so I could go. Maybe it can happen yet. 'Tho I really don't care except that there are places I would like to go to again. . . .
"I don't like to be away from home for three months. Six weeks is a better length of time to be away. . . ."
12 December 1967: ". . . I do not intend to go to Leningrad--much as I would like to. With winter weather Moscow for 5 days will be enough . . . .
"I would like to ask if I could wear a suit--trousers, coat and vest, very conservative, made by the best N.Y. man's tailor. I would like to wear it in Moscow to keep warm . . . . My outdoor coat is long so the suit would not show much. . . . If necessary I could wear a skirt when indoors. . . ."
With--Group of related ephemera: Autograph Note by O'Keeffe, unsigned: "I find that I went round the / world on Irmie DeBurgh / so I guess I can go again but / it should have read / Irmie De Vegh." Np, [29 August 1960] • 12 identical passport photographs, unsigned, each bust portrait showing O'Keeffe looking into camera. 3 1/2x2 1/2 inches. Np, [1958] • Printed invitation to opening of O'Keeffe's retrospective at the Worcester Art Museum, unsigned, held on October 3, 1960. Oblong 12mo, folded sheet. 1960. With the original envelope • Small group of plane ticket and mail receipts. 4 1/2x8 inches or smaller. 1959-60 • Small group of printed travel brochures containing images and enticing descriptions of destinations in Asia, the South Pacific, and the Eastern Mediterranean. 4to. 1958-68 • Group of over 90 pages of mostly retained copies of typed letters or telegrams from Ferguson or one of his agents to O'Keeffe or others relating to O'Keeffe's travel programs. 4to or smaller. 1958-79.