Nov 17, 2020 - Sale 2551

Sale 2551 - Lot 29

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WRITING HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY: "I REVALUE MY LIFE IN TERMS OF ZORBA" QUINN, ANTHONY. Typed Letter Signed, "Tom," to Bertha Pinover ("Dear Bertha"), concerning the writing of his autobiography, with a 6-line autograph postscript: "Shall I do the Williams play & then 'Come dressed in Red'? I will be here in Tripoli until the first of March. It's screwed up all my schedule.-- Oh well, it's helped the pocket book." 2 pages, 4to, "Beach Hotel" stationery, written on separate sheets; horizontal folds, few scattered creases. Tripoli, 11 December 1974

Additional Details

". . . I am hard at work on the book. I'm hesitant to tell you I LOVE IT. I am very fortunate to have a very great deal of time on my hands here in Tripoli. . . .
"The book is taking good shape. I've decided to bring it up to NOW. I cover Rome, Greece, America, Morocco and Tripoli. I jump-cut in time. It's a totally different form based on the same content. I revalue my life in terms of ZORBA. I fight with the residue that Zorba left in me. I question whether his concept of life is any longer valid, etc. . . . I resent every moment I am away from the book. I pray that you will like it. In any case, I will have had a ball writing it. . . .
". . . I feel like a sculptor. I have hacked out the big shapes and will now start working with the smaller more delicate chisels. I can't tell you how anxious I am to justify your faith in me as a writer. My life has taken on a whole new meaning.
"The other day my wife (who keeps a jaundiced eye on the way I live) said that since I have started writing she has fallen deeper in love with me. She even forgives my brooding because she understands I'm going through birth pains. For some reason she never understood my birth pains as an actor. . . ."