Dec 15, 2022 - Sale 2625

Sale 2625 - Lot 57

Estimate: $ 700 - $ 1,000


"Whitey wailed in anguish as the icebreaker sailed off and left him alone."

Full-page illustration for the story "The Warmhearted Polar Bear" by Robert Murphy in The Saturday Evening Post, December 24, 1955, page 22. Gouache on water color board. Image measures 406x305 mm; 16x12 inches, on 24x21 3/4-inch board. Signed "R. Jones" in lower right image; partially abraded SEP publisher's label on verso. A worn issue of the magazine and color copies of the story accompany the artwork.

The Warmhearted Bear was Jones' first major editorial commission for the Post. He was working for Cooper Studio at the time and began as a weekly salaried artist. As the studio's illustrators became more established, a status Jones achieved while there, the policy was to split commissions 50/50 with them for advertising art spots. If they landed a coveted editorial (story) assignment, the artist could keep the entire fee. Jones was delighted to have earned 12x more for this story than his previous $100 a week check