Mar 26, 2015 - Sale 2377

Sale 2377 - Lot 23

Estimate: $ 4,000 - $ 6,000
SOUTH AFRICA. A contract of indenture for seven natives of Cape Town, or West Africa, for the period of fourteen years; to accompany their Master and Mistress and their children to North America. Folio sheet, folded to form four pages, written on all sides; signed by the master, and two witnesses as well as the seven servants with their "X's," red wax seal and large blind-stamp seal of the colony. Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, 1804

Additional Details

a most unusual document, indenturing seven native africans to an english family, about to voyage to north america. The seven servants apprentice themselves to Michael Hogan for a period of fourteen years. After this period--if they have not broken any of the rules set forth in this contract: i.e. no drinking, theft, fornication--or even marriage--they will be free. Only two of the servants are over twenty, most are fourteen to seventeen years old. Still, this means they likely remained servants for life, given life expectancies at this time.