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    Sale 2502 | Lot 80
    Price Realized: $1,750With Buyer's Premium
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    • Sale 2502 Lot 80

      (NOBEL LAUREATES--CHEMISTRY.) Group of 34 items Signed, or Signed and Inscribed, to László Magyar, mostly letters describing recent projects. Most 1 page, 4to or 8vo; condition generally good. Few with the original envelope. Vp, vd

      Estimate $500 - 750

      Adolf Butenandt (3). Two TLsS, in German, one sending an offprint [present]. Each 1 page; Printed article, "The Discovery of Oestrone," from Trends in Biochemical Sciences, September, 1979, Signed and Inscribed on first page. 2 pages. München, 20 March 1973; 19 December 1979 * Melvin Calvin. TLS. Berkeley, 22 May 1972 * Henrik Dam. Signature on his printed visiting card. 2x3 1/4 inches. Np, nd * Manfred Eigen (2). TLS, in German; Photograph Signed, bust portrait. Signed in the image. 5 1/2x4 inches. Göttingen, 26 February 1980; Np, nd * Odd Hassel. ALS, in German. 2 pages. 24 February 1973. With the original envelope * Gerhard Herzberg. TLS, "G Herzberg." Ottawa, 29 May 1972 * Robert Holley. Brief ALS. San Diego, 25 April 1973 * François Jacob. PS, "FJacob," bust portrait showing him smoking. Signed in the image, lower left. 5 1/4x3 1/2 inches. Np, nd * John C. Kendrew. ALS. Linton, 8 October 1972 * H. Gobind Khorana. Brief TLS, "HGobind Khorana." 1/2 page. Cambridge, MA, 21 March 1972 * Willard Libby. TLS, "W.F. Libby." Los Angeles, 13 October 1971 * Fritz Lipmann. ANS. 12mo. [New York], 3 May 1973 * André Lwoff. ANS, in French. 2 pages. [Paris, 26 March 1993] * Robert S. Mulliken. TLS, "RSMulliken." 1/2 page. Chicago, 18 October 1974 * Giulio Natta. Brief TLS. 1/2 page. Milan, 27 September 1972 * John Howard Northrop. Signature, "John H. Northrop," on his printed visiting card. 2x3 1/2 inches. Np, nd * Max Perutz (2). Small Photograph Signed, "M F Perutz," bust portrait. Signed in the image. 3 3/4x3 1/4 inches; Brief TLS, sending the photograph. Cambridge, England, 8 February 1985 * George Porter (3). Photograph Signed, bust portrait. Signed in the blank lower margin. 7x4 3/4 inches; Two TLsS, one sending the photograph. Each 1 page. London, 10 October 1972; 30 October 1979 * Vladimir Prelog (3). Small Photograph Signed, "V. Prelog," showing him peering into a machine. Signed in the image, lower left. 5x3 1/2 inches; Two ANs, each Signed, "V. Prelog," one in German, the other in Croatian. Together 3 pages, oblong 12mo. Np, nd; Zürich, 21 January 1986 * Tadeusz Reichstein. TLS, "T. Reichstein," in German. Basel, 28 March 1972 * Robert Robinson. TLS. London, 19 March 1973 * Glenn T. Seaborg. TLS. Washington, 29 September 1971 * Nikolay Semyonov. Small Photograph Signed, "N. Semeyonov," in Russian, bust portrait. Signed in the blank lower margin. 5 1/4x3 1/4 niches. Np, nd * Richard Laurence Millington Synge. Signature and date, "RLMSynge," on a slip of paper printed with letterhead. 4x5 inches. Colney Lane, Norwich, 15 March 1973 * Albert Szent-Györgyi. ALS, "A. SzentGyorgi," [in Hungarian?]. Woods Hole, [21 May 1971] * Edward Tatum. TLS, "E LTatum." New York, 16 May 1972.

      Price Realized (with Buyer's Premium) $1,750