May 23, 2019 - Sale 2510

Sale 2510 - Lot 113

Estimate: $ 6,000 - $ 9,000
63x47 inches, 160x119 1/2 cm. Alliance Graphique, Paris.
Condition A: minor repaired tear in upper margin; creases at edges; minor loss in lower margin; fold through lower right corner.
In the early 1930s, Cassandre designed a few posters in the "Neue Sachlichkeit," the New Realism style. Unlike the hyperrealism of the Swiss approach, Cassandre "augmented" reality to serve his artisti
c vision, as seen here, where one shoe is larger than the other and the socks are left unfinished. This poster shows that Cassandre is "also a magisterial designer with an airbrush. It is a sober, hyperrealist object poster that is a model of classic design" (Cassandre / Weill p. 62). Mouron 38, Suntory 26, Brown & Reinhold 38, Cassandre / Weill 125, Affiche Art Deco p. 137, Reina Sofia p. 174, Weill 341....